1. Gregory Witzleb says:

    This is the second time in a year that I’ve had the unfortunate luck of somebody hitting one of my vehicles. Hardin County Honda’s collision center has been top notch each time.
    The quality of workmanship that they deliver can’t be matched within a reasonable distance.
    We found this out when my daughter took her car to the local Ford dealership when she got broadsided because her car was a Ford. When we picked her car up it was filthy, with shop dust all over the outside and the only part that was clean is where the work was completed.
    Afterwards it was not even month later USAA dropped them from their lifetime warranty backed body shops.
    So if you have an accident or want something touched up, Bob or David will take the utmost care of you.
    Oh I almost forgot, their level of respect is also unmatched when compared to any store/company. Not once was I called by my first name regardless of how many times I reminded them I was Greg and not Mr..
    So don’t question or hesitate, Hardin County Honda Collision Center is who you want repairing your vehicle.

    Greg Witzleb

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